Air Canada Cargo Notice to Customers – New Security Measures

The following is a notice from Air Canada Cargo regarding new security measures.

Security is an important and integral element of the air cargo supply chain. Air Canada Cargo is

committed to working with Transport Canada and other regulatory bodies to comply with national and global security programs that will protect and strengthen our industry. This communiqué is one of several updates which Air Canada will provide as new security measures are introduced, enhanced and enforced over the next months. Compatibility between programs will be an objective but may take several iterations to achieve. Hence, please be prepared that notices given may be subject to change.

Air Canada is currently subject to the following screening regulations for freight originating in Canada.

All freight to the United States to be in compliance with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA);


Air Canada is also ramping up to meet Transport Canada’s (TC) regulation whereby effective December 31, 2012, all freight originating Canada, domestic and international, must be secure.

You will have read of the recent installation of a new dual view x-ray machine at Air Canada’s London (LHR) facility. By the end of the year, installations of both x-ray and ETD equipment are planned for Toronto (YYZ), Montreal (YUL), Vancouver (YVR), Calgary (YYC) and Halifax (YHZ). All remaining stations in Canada will be equipped in 2012.

Cargo will also be deemed secure if it is tendered by an Approved Participant or a Registered Shipper. Many of Air Canada’s regular customers have already qualified under TC’s Air Cargo Security (ACS) program. With the exception of the UK-Transshipment requirement and all freight to the USA, the ACS program enables freight forwarders and shippers to pre-screen their freight at their facility and be exempt from further screening at the airport. Because shipments must be screened at the piece level, only Approved Participants or Registered Shippers will be allowed to tender shipper-loaded units (SLUs). SLUs will not be accepted to the USA or transiting through the UK because they still must be screened to 100% regardless of Approved Participant or Registered Shipper status. To learn more about TC’s program, please click here

In the U.S., freight forwarders and shippers can participate in the TSA’s Certified Cargo Screening

Program (CCSP). TC will also recognize freight tendered by these agents as secure. To learn more about TSA’s program, please click here.

For customers who are not approved or registered, screening activity will impact Air Canada’s acceptance and potentially, connection processes. Air Canada is working hard to minimize the changes and the additional time which will be necessary to process the freight. The purchase, installation and staffing of the screening equipment comes with a cost. This expense is not optional. Air Canada is considering different options to recover these costs. This will be confirmed and published well in advance of the effective date (TBD). As the equipment is installed and security staff trained, it will be used to meet Air Canada’s current obligations (to the US, transiting UK and other International destinations). There are details within the various legislations which still require clarification. As more information regarding the rules becomes available and processes are revised, it will be shared.